About Us

Bledsoe Farms 

What We Offer

Yearling registered bulls and commercial and registered bred heifers are our primary offerings in the spring of the year.  Occasionally, we'll have a few fall calving cows for sale.


We are a cow/calf operation raising commercial and registered Angus cattle on roughly 2000 acres of owned and leased land in central Lincoln County, OK.  

Bledsoe Farms started as a joint venture between Max and Ann Bledsoe and Gary and Joyce Bledsoe raising commercial cattle to primarily sell steers and heifers at market.

With the attractiveness of black cattle at market, Gary started introducing purebred Angus into the herd in the early 90's.   

The first of the registered females were purchased around 2000 and we have since grown the registered herd to around 100 females.  

We have retained a small herd of around 40 commercial cows that we raise replacement bred heifers and steers from every year.